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The spiders come down on the south tonight,
with their webs and sticky strings.
My kingdom of Greenwood endures, and it looks like I'm still king.
The stars are shining and Midsummers’ feast’s tonight.
Couldn't escape from me, Valar knows they tried.
Just lock them in, don’t set them free.
Be the good king you always have to be.
Conceal, just seal, don't let them go.
Well, now they know!

Let them rot, let them rot!
Can't be nice to dwarves anymore.
Let them rot, let them rot!
Turn away and lock the doors.
I don't care if they die down there.
Let the feast go on.
This kingdom will endure anyway.

It's funny how in good time,
All foul things will come forth.
But evil controlled by Sauron, can't get to my lands at all
It's time to see what dwarves want to do,
to face the dragon and risk doom.
No help, support, or aid from me.
I’m not sorry!

Let them rot, let them rot.
A hundred years is a blink of an eye.
Let them rot, let them rot.
They’ll never again see light.
Here I'll sit, and here I'll stay.
Let the feast go on.

My armies will protect the borders of my lands.
My soul has witness mighty dragon fire, ruin and wrath
And I have seen the wreckage of their fiery blasts
I'm never fighting one; the past is in the past!

Let them rot, let them rot.
And I care not; I hate dwarves.
Let them rot, let them rot
In time foul things come forth
Here I sit, in my majesty.

Let the feast go on.
This kingdom will endure anyway.
Let Them Rot - Thranduil 'Let it Go' parody
So I watched BOFA recently... but this was written BEFORE that and has no spoilers.

A parody of Frozen's Let It Go, sung by the Elvenking Thranduil himself. Idea came to me on twitter + my boyfriend really loves Frozen + I recently rewatched DoS = why not?
As usual, multipurpose journal is multipurpose.

Firstly: I just hit 50k today! It's a brilliant feeling. Truly, truly wonderful. Now all I want to do is kick back and relax... although I still have that nagging feeling that I should be doing something. You know that feeling? Yeah. I have it.

Anyway, in case anyone's interested in the contents of that junkyard called my novel (my NaNo profile is here:…), here's the synopsis.


It is the year AD37, and the tyrant Emperor Tiberius is dead. All eyes turn to his successor, the son of a war hero, and the last male heir of a wronged family: Gaius Germanicus, soon to be proclaimed the new Imperator of the Roman Empire.

But the young Gaius, untrained and inexperienced, quickly loses his footing. Popular amongst the people, but hated amongst the Senate. His cousin wants the throne; his sisters want him dead. There is unrest in Judaea, and his dream of Britannia is beyond his reach, separated by the great barrier of the ocean.

Nobody can be trusted, not even his own guards. Nothing can stay untarnished, least of all his reputation. He is remembered as a tyrant: cruel, sadistic, and utterly, utterly insane.

After all, he is Caligula.

Mmhm. Historical fiction. About dear Caligula... we studied him for ancient history this year. He's absolutely fascinating. And adorable. Even if he isn't insane.

Number two on agenda. Two friends and I ... (well actually it was my idea, I take full credit for it, but they're in it with me) have expressed interest in combining our skills and opening writing commissions. Since I entirely fail at drawing and would really like some extra money for uni next year. Do you think that's a good idea? Has anyone tried it? What do you think about the pricing? Basically any help is good help, please and thank you.

Number three. So. My dear NIF. A couple days? Weeks? ago, the beloved Silm family on facebook were hiring family members. Yes, I know how weird that sounds. Anyway, because of the opportunist I am, I noticed they were missing Celegorm. Out of all the brothers, Celegorm. How incredibly convenient ... it must've been a sign from the Valar. ANYWAY! So I signed up. Please like it... well you don't actually have to like it. Maybe look at it. I don't know what I want you do to, so I'll just give it to you, TAKE IT, HERE

Number four. I can't remember if I already said this, but I started a (neglected) blog. If I've told you, here it is again. If not... enjoy! everywordisawaterfall.wordpres…

Number five. So I was randomly tagged by :iconpearlandfrog13: way back in June, and never got the chance to do this. Well here we go. Finally.

1. You must post these rules.
...There are more rules, but I'm taking this chance to rebel and not post the rest. :D

Questions for me:
#1 If you had to choose one place to live during a zombie Apocalypse where would you locate yourself?
Uh... right here in Australia. Everyone knows bad things only happen in New York, and we're as far away as could be. Hurray.
#2 Would you rather have a rabid unicorn or a vampire monkey?
Tch. Hard question. Rabid unicorn. I'll just lock it up and stare from afar.
#3 Stretch out your left arm as far as you can till you grab a object, that object that you grabbed is what you have to defend yourself against 3 blood thirsty zombies, what is it?
I'm answering on the assumption that you mean 'first thing you grab'. So that's a pen. ...Useless. I'll just use my ninja skills (what ninja skills?)
#4 Have you ever tried to fly? O:
You mean throw yourself at the ground and miss? I'm not that klutzy... so no.
#5 Would you rather be attacked by a big bear, or a swarm of bees?
A bear. I'm terrified of insects. I'll just pretend to be dead. Not hard, right?
#6 If you could be one celebrity for a day, who would you be and why?
TOM HIDDL--oh wait you said be, not be with? Oh man, annoying. Whatever, I'll still choose Tom Hiddleston. So then I would, at least for one day, know what it'd be like to be perfect.
#7 If you could travel anywhere (eg: Hogwarts, Wonderland, Middle Earth, Halloween Town, etc) where would you travel too?
Middle Earth, more specifically Lothlorien. Rivendell as a close second.
#8 Favourite Accent?
As much as I'd like to say British, I actually love the German/Russian accent. I can't tell the difference, but there's probably a huge one. Excuse my failures OTL
#9 Are there any Roosterteeth fans out there?
No. xD
#10 What is your biggest pet peeve?
Hm, there are many. People who say 'no offense, but...' <-- OFFENSE IS NOT UP TO YOU TO JUDGE, IDIOTS! If you know  you might insult someone, close your mouth. Just...just zip it. Also people who spell definitely as 'defiantly'. GAH. Just typing that word annoys me now. CAN YOU IDIOTS NOT READ? Okay yeah... mini rant over.

Now, I get to probe into your deep, dark, private life with these questions.
1. Hi. How are you going?
2. Where in Middle Earth would you like to go most? No you can't go to Valinor -- mortals not allowed!
3. Do you think apples are rubbish?
4. What types of books do you like reading?
5. Did anyone get the reference in question 3? RL friends don't count.
6. I'm only posting six questions. The rules say ten. I feel like being a rebel today. Weird. What do you think about breaking the rules?

And now, rule no. 6 says
6. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You have to tag 10 specific people.

Bullshit, I say. Don't tell me what to do. You're tagged if you're reading this. In fact, you're tagged even if you aren't reading this! I tag everyone! So there. Take that, rules.

Yeah I'm not usually like this. Not sure what just happened.
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  • Reading: Ranger&#039;s Apprentice
  • Watching: Bleach? Maybe?
  • Playing: twitter. What, it&#039;s a game?
  • Drinking: I want water


StrawberryJam1313's Profile Picture
Turkafinwe Tyelkormo
Mae govannen! As part of the :iconnoldorinfamilystore: I am Turkafinwe Tyelkormo, also known as Celegorm or Turko. Outside that you may call me CC.

So I'm a 17 year old girl living in Australia. I love Tolkien <3 Especially the Silmarillion. And Feanor. And his sons, and the Noldor, of course :)

As you can probably tell, I write more than I draw. My goal is to become a published author someday. And yes, I will give back llamas ^^

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